I'm Lindsey! I am so glad you are here because I have never been more excited to share my passion with you. YDF is all about making nutrition approachable and easy for busy, young professionals. At the start of the day when you are feeling inspired and excited, YDF is here to help you channel your goals. At the end of the day when you're tired and hungry, YDF is here for you to make wellness simple. 


With a background in clinical nutrition and corporate wellness, I have all the tools to help you succeed at work and at home. 

I studied nutrition for 4 years at Miami University (the one in Ohio), completed my 1,200-hour dietetic internship, and passed the national exam to become a registered dietitian. Now that’s a lot of knowledge! I use what I have learned (and continue to learn) to deliver science-based nutrition in a way that makes it fun and effective.


Facts about me:

  • Favorite fruit: Raspberries

  • Favorite vegetable: Butter Lettuce

  • Favorite overall food: Gyoza

  • Hometown: Cincinnati

  • Favorite workout: Legs & Core

  • Favorite Chicago restaurant: Dove's Luncheonette

  • Favorite vacation: Japan


I would love to get to know you, too. Stop by the Contact Page to say hello!


My Nutrition Philosophy

  1. Diets do not work - it is all about creating healthy habits that last.

  2. If you make a promise to a friend, you keep it... so why do we break promises to ourselves like, “I’ll go to the gym today.” 
    *Show up for YOURSELF and I'LL SHOW UP FOR YOU.


  3. Wellness starts from WITHIN, let’s focus on feeling GREAT not looking skinny.

  4. Everyone needs a dietitian, just as they need a dentist, a doctor and a hair stylist!

Why You NEED a Dietitian

Here’s the thing - everyone could use a personal Dietitian. We have dedicated people for all sorts of things in our lives. A dentist just for our teeth, a stylist who cuts our hair and a chiropractor for our spine.

Think about it... for the price you pay to get your monthly manicure (which looks amazing by the way), you could have a PERSONAL Dietitian at your fingertips. LITERALLY.


I’ll let you in on a little secret - nutrition affects every single aspect of your physical body and even has the power to change our moods and emotions. I should be on your SPEED DIAL.

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