5 Stress Management Tools

Everyone experiences stress in different ways. And unfortunately, it's almost impossible to completely eliminate it from our day to day life. However, putting in place measures to take care of yourself when you're feeling stressed can help maintain your well being in times of crisis.

Here are 5 stress management tools to help you prevent and rid stress.

Eat healthy, real food.

When stressed, it is easy to turn to sugary comfort foods like cakes, ice cream, and chips. Craving these delicious treats is pretty natural when you are emotionally or mentally drained because they’re quick carbs that release dopamine to our brain. However, not only can some healthy foods decrease stress, but others can actually reverse some of the negative outcomes of stress like help lower blood pressure, for example. Try to make healthy, balanced food a priority when you’re stressed.

Maintain your routine.

Feeling stressed can often leave you feeling drained and unable to focus. To gain a sense of control, maintain your normal routine. Familiar activities like work, washing dishes, getting dressed, or making the bed can be comforting. When working from home, be sure to create some separation between work and play - set work hours and set hours for R&R!

Go outside.