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Grilled Salmon Power Bowl

Salmon + Marinade:

  • salmon

  • garlic

  • garlic powder

  • salt

  • dried parsley

  • minced onion

  • dried basil

  • olive oil

  • lemon juice

  1. Mix the garlic, garlic powder, salt, parsley, onion, basil, olive oil, and lemon juice in a bowl

  2. Pat the spread onto your salmon, covering it evenly

  3. Grill

Veggies + Dressing:

  • chopped spinach

  • edamame

  • mini bell peppers

  • chopped carrots

  • chopped almonds

  1. Add all the above into a bowl and toss with olive oil

  2. Top with salmon and enjoy!



  • Salmon is high in protein and rich in omega-3 fatty acids

  • Add a protein such as salmon or chicken to salads to feel satisfied and full for longer (edamame has substantial protein in it too!)

  • Almonds for additional healthy fats


  • This salad has tons of color (read: vitamins)

  • Edamame can be purchased pre-shelled (read: time saver)

Enjoy this 'sort-of' recipe! More on why I don't use true recipes to come. Stay tuned!



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