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Healthy Choices On-the-Go

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

Whether you’re traveling for work or vacation, the best trips have the best food. Don’t let traveling sacrifice your healthy choices.


It can be easy to push off meals or indulge in the best food in town because after all you’re somewhere new. However, the side effects of these meals can often leave you feeling dissatisfied and groggy. This is no way to enjoy a trip!

Stick to your regular meal schedule

It is important to stay on schedule with breakfast, lunch and dinner even if you have meetings or tours of museums all day. Plan ahead to avoid skipping meals even if this means packing almonds or trail mix as a snack. Once your body, comes off this routine it can be a challenge to revert back. Eating all three meals keeps you on your feet and ready to go.

Enjoy the local food

McDonald’s may seem like a comfort food or a treat to you when you are traveling if you don’t eat it at home. However, your options for food are a new adventure when you travel. There are local places in almost all areas that are just waiting for you to find. Try foods that are out of your comfort zone such as vegetables or fruits that you have never heard before. Your more-familiar chain restaurants will always be waiting at home.

Drink some good ole H2O

Staying hydrated can help with many issues someone might experience while traveling. With all the new activities, hydrating your body is one of the last things on a traveler’s mind. However, drinking water can help you feel more full and help you avoid having no energy. Buy a recyclable water bottle to travel with you! This way you have a new accessory that can be reused everyday and you are helping the environment by avoiding single-use plastics. Yay!

Check if your eyes are bigger than your stomach

With delicious food surrounding you, caving in to temptation seems like the only option. However, foods high in sugar and fat may lead to digestive problems later in the trip. Foods high in sodium may leave you feeling bloated and lethargic. Order your favorite option on the menu but pair it with a vegetable side dish or try splitting the item with a travel companion. Really focus on enjoying your meal without overeating! Think of it as a conscious indulgence.

Plan ahead

It can be exciting to challenge yourself to find the best menu in town. If you know you’ll be short on time, pack a snack. The best way to ensure you’re taking care of your wellness is to not get into the situation we all have been in. I’m so hungry I don’t care what I eat situation. Look forward to your meals instead of dreading the process deciding where to go for your next meal. Have an open mind and look for the endless food opportunities around you because you never know where your favorite meal will be next.

Enjoy your travel experience, just don’t let your body suffer for it! Let yourself eat that croissant but consume in moderation to see how your body will react. Most importantly, listen to your body and what it wants as your body truly knows what makes you ready to take on the day!

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