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Mood Matters: Fun Foods

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Since the beginning of humankind, food has brought us together. Think about all the places where food is shared with others: weddings, birthdays, promotions, baby showers, street festivals, and so much more!

It Is OKAY to eat these amazing FUN FOODS! When your birthday rolls around again or your best friend is in town visiting there are bound to be sweets and treats around. That is okay! These are special treats and are part of celebrating life itself.

I read something genius recently and want to share it with’s the summary:

People who want to lose ‘that last 5-10 pounds’ should change their perspective…

Those 5-10 pounds are LIFE POUNDS.

They stick around because you are so lucky to have another slice of birthday cake, they show that you’re a loyal Cubs fan and just can’t pass up on a Chicago dog at the game, and they remind you that you traveled to wine country and tried every wine California had to offer!

There is not need to beat yourself up over 5-10 pounds when those are the pounds that make you, YOU!

Eating these fun foods and drinks in a positive mindset during celebrations or fun experiences is very different from eating these foods every day and making it a habit.

Drink the wine, eat the cake. But, if we come home and have chocolate cake and wine every night, that cake and wine is going to lose its luster I can promise you that. So eat with intention, intuition, and pure joy!

See how much mood matters?



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