YDF Kitchen Philosophy: NO RULES

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

I love to cook!

However...I understand that may put me in the minority of the population.

Through these blogs, I hope to bring you a ton of useful stuff. But before I dive into recipes, techniques, and pro-tips...you should know some things about the YDF philosophy on all things cooking and kitchens.


I have never followed the rules and I, for the life of me, cannot follow a recipe. I like to read a handful of recipes before I make something new but never use 1 full recipe from start to finish. I just can’t help myself from adding in other ingredients or from skipping some steps. And listen...some dishes I make are better than others (always edible but not always a make again thing).

So, although it may be frustrating, stick with me when I post what I like to call “sort of recipes” for you! I’m not here to tell you how much cumin you should use on your tacos...1 tsp, 3Tbsp...it’s up to you, my friend! But definitely use the cumin because it’s delicious.