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5/6/20 WEBINAR: Making Sense of Food Labels & Marketing Terms

WEBINAR: Making Sense of Food Labels & Marketing Terms

DATE: May 6th, 2020

TIME: 12pm CST & 7pm CST (You choose which session you attend!)

DURATION: 45-60 minutes depending on audience participation.


Going to the grocery store is already a huge hassle...then sorting out which products to buy is nearly impossible! 


Should I be buying cholesterol free cereal?

What does 'low fat' really mean to me?


What You Get:

  • 1 hour webinar with registered dietitian, Lindsey Herr. I will be sorting through food labels, terms we see on the packaging, and what we should actually be buying for ourselves & our families. Let's clear through the marketing clutter and get to the facts!
  • You get to ask any questions you want during and after the webinar. Participation is encouraged!
  • Email PDF covering webinar highlights and outline will be emailed to you after the webinar.


*PDF download at purchase includes directions on how to join both webinars.*


See you May 6th!